Continuous handling

  Name Description

The buffer type conveyor is designed for efficient transport in light parts. They are designed with a lightweight structure that allows construction in more than one floor and large lengths.

Slat conveyor

The slat conveyor can be tailored to support many processes; it allows adapting the speed of transport, facilitating manipulation of the object transported during the journey. One application is to transport motorcycles during the assembly process.

Chain conveyor

Conveyor highly reliable, it’s made to work in environments with adverse conditions. They can be incorporated various elements during transport, such as elevators.

Belt conveyor

Belt conveyors are adapted to the customer, depending on the needs. Depending on the material transported the belt material is adapted. At the same time depending on the path length and breadth of the conveyor are adapted.

Roller conveyor

Roller conveyors ensure the handling in heavy loads in a simple manner.

Conveyors cales

The conveyor scales incorporates a surface with material adapted to the load to be transported. Made for the maintenance of delicate parts.